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pages = {177-187}, pages = {177-187},
pdf = "Zendjebil_vric_2008.pdf‎" pdf = "Zendjebil_vric_2008.pdf‎"
 + abstract = "The goal of an outdoor augmented reality system is to allow the human operator to move freely without restraint in its environment, to view and interact in real time with geo-referenced data via mobile wireless devices. This requires proposing new techniques for 3D localization, visualization and 3D interaction, adapted to working conditions in outdoor environment (brightness variation, features of displays used, etc.).
 +This paper surveys recent advances in outdoor augmented reality. It resumes a large retrospective of the work carried out in this field, especially on
 +methodological aspects (localization methods, generation of 3D models, visualization and interaction approaches), technological aspects (sensors, visualization devices and architecture software) and industrial aspects."
} }
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Imane Zendjebil, Fakhr-Eddine Ababsa, Jean-Yves Didier, Jacques Vairon, Luc Frauciel, Martin Hachet, Pascal Guitton, Romuald Delmont - Outdoor Augmented Reality: State of the Art and Issues

Virtual Reality International Conference pp. 177-187, April, 9-13, 2008
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