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Post-doctoral position

(FP7-European project: DigitalOcean RSME 2011-2012)

Multimodal human robot interaction in mixed reality environments: application to the DigitalOcean project.

The IBISC laboratory (University of Evry) is currently offering a post-doctoral researcher to work on a EC funded project entitled “DigitalOcean”.

  • Research topics: Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality, Telerobotics;
  • Remuneration: 2100 ~ 2500 Euros per month – charges deduced;
  • Starting from: March 2011.

This postdoc aims at investigating new combinations of multimodal human-robot interaction (audio, video and haptic) in mixed reality in order to teleoperate underwater robots (ROV or LAUV). It will be divided in two tasks: set up a mixed reality system and then work on a multimodal semi-immersive demonstrator.

[modifier] Mixed reality setup:

This task consists in studying and developing a mixed reality module in order to mix actual images (sent by a camera mounted on the ROV) with a virtual 3D model of an underwater site to explore. The main objective is therefore the visualization of mixed reality contents. To achieve this, we will first study and propose algorithms for (underwater) camera calibration and real-time registration of virtual models over real images. Next, we will design a generic software architecture that will be used for two types of demonstrators: a web-based one (for general public) and a semi-immersive mixed reality platform for multimodal teleoperation.

[modifier] Multimodal human-robot interface (semi-immersive demonstrator):

The main objective of this task is to propose a more intuitive and multimodal Human-robot Interface (audio, video and haptic). This multimodal interface will provide a way to interact with a remote robot (ROV) and will enhance human sensory channels. A stereoscopic display will provide visualization (of 3D virtual models of the underwater site and ROV) and will allow to learn and prepare exploration path in a virtual submarine environment before the actual exploration. 3D interaction using a haptic interface will allow the user to feel what the ROV feels during the exploration. The simulated audio feedback of ROV motors during the real exploration is another sensory information that can complement video and enhance human presence during the tele-exploration missions. The proposed demonstrator will be a mixed reality mobile platform that can be transported for presentations, meetings, conferences, etc. It may be connected to an internet network from any place to perform real/virtual or mixed teleoperation missions.

[modifier] Experience:

The candidate should have completed a PhD degree in Computer Science/Robotics/Computer Vision or equivalent and have a good experience in Human-Computer Interaction or Human-Robot Interaction. He should be motivated by cooperation with our European partners. Experience in haptic interaction is appreciated.

[modifier] Applications:

Interested candidates should send an application, including their detailed CV and a cover letter to

Mr. Samir Otmane (Samir.otmane_(at) until 15th of February 2011.

Laboratoire IBISC, 40 rue de Pelvoux, 91020 Evry, FRANCE

Phone: +33 1 69 47 75 92