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Example of transparency view furnished to the operator
Example of transparency view furnished to the operator

The AMRA project is a RNTL (Réseau National des Technologies Logicielles) project funded by the french ministry of research. It started in 2002 and finished in May 2004. The project was carried outby a consortium of several partners:

  • Alstom Transport, industrial partner,
  • CEA (french nuclear agency),
  • Le Laboratoire Systèmes Complexes (now IBISC),
  • Acti-CM, a company specialized in metrology.

The aim was to set up a mobile augmented reality system for a use in industrial environment, more specifically for industrial maintenance. The secondary goals were:

  • Give a contextual help to inexperiented maintainers, shortening their training period on site,
  • Assist maintenance agents and bring out relevant information on their work station,
  • Increase the availability of information on the work place, using augmented reality techniques.

The AMRA prototype is a video see-through set up composed of a tablet-PC for information visualization, acting as an augmented window on the real world. This class of system adresses the issues of mobile computing, real-time registration and virtual content adaptation to context of utilization.

[modifier] Associated publications

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